'Do you know Ubuntu?', an ongoing project presented in book form, documents a community HIV/AIDs and TB clinic in the Masoyi tribal area of north east South Africa.

The clinic, called ACTs (AIDS Care and Training), is predominately staffed by Masoyi community members, many of whom are on a treatment program at the centre themselves. Peer support groups have been established at the clinic, led by staff counsellors who have often experienced what their patients are experiencing - creating a powerful community treatment facility based in an environment of self-help, acceptance, encouragement and mutual support within a self-sufficient environment.

The images and text in the book are a combination of the photographers images, together with photographs taken (on disposable camera's provided by the photographer) by those interviewed for the book. Everyone who took part in taking their own photographs were asked to take their own pictures to visually represent their stories and lives as they would like them to be shown in the book.


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For more information about ACTs please go to www.actsclinic.com